Covid-19 Policies and Availability

Whew, y’all! It has already been a crazy year and we’re not even a few months in! My heart is so saddened for all of you who have put so much time, money, and hard work into planning your dream weddings only to have to be faced with the burden of postponing (already a daunting task) in the midst of everything else going on.

I decided to put this post out there so I can keep us all on the same page, give suggestions on where to start if you’re facing postponing, and update you with our revised policies if your date has been or will be affected by the coronavirus.


  • If your wedding needs to be rescheduled due to the Coronavirus, any money paid WILL be transferred over to your new date, pending availability. PLEASE email, call, or text us to find a date we can transfer you to! I would absolutely hate for our clients to lose their retainers and payments by picking a date we’re not available for, or canceling altogether.
  • If we come to an agreement on a new date, all I will do is to add the date change to your original contract and have you digitally sign to make it official.


  • Start looking at new dates now, but be ready for alternatives to Saturdays. Many Saturday dates are already booked during peak season, not just with us but with most of your other vendors as well. I know it seems non-traditional and… well, weird to have a Monday wedding, but right now flexibility is the name of the game. Trust us when we say that your friends and families will WANT to celebrate with you no matter what day you pick
  • Personally, a simple text with your potential dates is easiest for me! Quick and simple! 251-518-9492
  • If you’re waiting closer to your date before deciding to move forward with rescheduling, I think that is wise! This situation is changing by the day and I hope and dream we can move forward with business as usual very very soon. There is no rush on my part to make a decision about rescheduling.

Just know that we are all in this together. We are all financially impacted right now. We’re all scared for our health, families, and futures. We’re scared for the futures of our businesses. Just know that I’m here to help in any way I can and make any changes as seamless as possible.


Now, stop touching your face, disinfect the cell phone you’re holding, and go wash your hands. 🙂

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