I was SO excited to photograph this couple once again. I honestly never had to pose them or say a word about what to do or how to act - they were just PURE, natural love, something you cannot just coach out of someone - their hearts beamed right out of their chests for one another!

Tori and Ian chose the unique Alabama Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery, AL for their wedding ceremony! Now don’t let the name fool you - the Alabama Shakespeare Festival is an actual building! It’s a running theatre with acres and acres of beautifully kept grounds, an enormous lake, and an amphitheater perfect for ceremony setup.

Jesse and I both had some favorite moments and favorite shots ever from this wedding! From when Tori saw herself fully made up in the mirror and became emotional at the beauty and reality of the day that was before her, to the brunch (YES. A BRUNCH WEDDING. #DreamsDoComeTrue) complete with donuts and orange juice. It was, simply put, a fairy-tale from beginning to end.

The groom’s sister taught and led the guests through English line dancing - this was one of my favorite dance moments to date as well! So fun to witness people of all ages not only learning and having fun, but mastering the dance by the end.

The guests bid their favorite couple adieu to a wonderful week ahead on the lake with a lavender throw!

I would relive this wedding day myself each weekend if I could! The warm, beautiful couple, the gratitude of the guests and family members, the venue, the grounds, the weather (thank goodness!), THE BRUNCH. 😉 What a magnificent day.

Makeup: Laurie Peterson
Cake: Cake Designs
Venue: Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Montgomery AL
Catering: Marti Bush
Flowers: Haley Scott
Dress: Poffie Girls, North Carolina
Rentals: American Rental and Tent Company


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