Mobile, AL │ Laura and Ben

Mobile Wedding Photographer │ Farlow Photography │ April 29, 2022

A gorgeous lake, a house full of family and loved ones, and a magnificent magnolia tree set the stage for this beautiful union. I honestly could not have hand-picked a better “venue” to have this wedding! It was like this house was made for this event. The arbor was absolutely perfect overlooking the scene of the spacious, green backyard; lined with the serene lake and surrounded by greenery and trees.

Though extremely windy and overcast (which is typically not a picture perfect scenario), the colorful tones of the décor brightened the mood of those gray clouds. Every element of this day was perfectly coordinated, including the way each groomsmen’s accessory color matched the color of the maid he escorted down the path to the stage. Ben and Laura did a remarkable job tying in their visions to execute a perfect wedding day. I know how satisfying it must feel to watch your hard work come to fruition!!

The reception was joyful and fun, the toasts were heartfelt and genuine, and even though Ben lovingly smashed a piece of red velvet cake all over Laura’s face, he was at least kind enough to lick it off. :p

Finishing out the night was a super cool grand exit with the guest’s sparklers lining the pathway to a wooden dock where the couple drifted off into the billowy night sky. We were honored to capture such a charming event for such a beautiful couple! Congratulations Laura and Ben!

Cake: Cakes by Judi
Catering: Mama’s on Dauphin
Flowers: Cassy Flandreau
Dress: Timeless Bride
Rentals: Port City Rentals



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