For Photographers: 9 Things I will Not Shoot a Wedding Without

If you’re just starting out or looking to evolve or grow your photography business, you’re probably scared of weddings. And rightfully so, they are daunting, long, and you have to know what you’re doing - not just look like you do. Because you are shooting for an entire day, you MUST have the right equipment, and enough of it! I hear photographers say, “You either love them or you hate them. You’re either a wedding photographer or you’re not.” But I like to be that positive voice and say that eventually you WILL get to a point where you love weddings. I truthfully never thought that day would come for myself but here I am writing this blog. Yes, they’re long. Yes, they are sometimes stressful. Yes, I come home feeling like I was hit by a bus and even have “wedding day hangovers” where I wake up still sore and tired. Epsom salt baths and ibuprofen are your friends. But weddings are everything. You get to live someone’s most exciting, best day ever, every single weekend. I laugh, I cry tears of happiness, I get to see families love and support each other, but the best part is, I get to take pictures while doing it. You can’t NOT love it once you are prepared! So with that, here is a list of my wedding day must-haves.

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